Urgent Message From Metahero Holders – Bitrise Coin Revealed

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Bitrise coin has revealed an urgent message from Metahero holders. Though details of the message were not fully disclosed, the crypto community can guess that Metahero holders want to join the Bitrise coin.

  • Bitrise offers more attractive  investor rewards
  • Innovative and attractive tokenomics than Metahero holders
  • Fastest developing decentralised financial system

Bitrise coin has been very attractive, with thousands of new members joining every day, including Metahero members. This is because of the attractive rewards the coin has for its investors. That’s why Metahero holders are interested in this coin. In fact, the Bitrise team says it is building a platform that rewards investors in the whitepaper.

Bitrise is a DeFi protocol, which the team says will be the next big thing in DeFi. Already, Bitrise has accomplished so much for a four-month-old project since the token launch was on 28th July 2021. The team has already developed products for the Bitrise ecosystem, including Bitrise Audits, Techrate Audi, and dApp wallet. The exchange is coming in Q1-2022, and the blockchain research has already started. These are accomplishments attracting the crypto community, including Metahero holders.

But it is the attractive rewards that have caught the attention of Metahero holders. Bitrise coin has developed many ways to reward its investors. But the staking and tokenomics are two major ways that BRISE token holders are getting good returns from their investments. On tokenomics, Bitrise coin has innovative token economics that is catching the attention of many crypto investors, not just the Metahero holders. Token distribution has 50% of the quadrillion tokens burned after launch, and only 38% is in the liquidity pool. 7% goes to development and 5% percent to the development team.

The platform takes a 12% tax on every transaction, and 5% of the tax goes back to the liquidity pool to buy tokens and burn them. The buyback and burning process is automated, which has made Bitrise token more trustworthy and appealing to Metahero holders. The buyback process creates token scarcity, which in return increases the demand and price of the BRISE token

Bitrise coin is rewarding token holders the 4% of the tax collected for just holding tokens. This is another thing attracting Metahero holders. The tax holding tax is sent automatically to the token holders’ wallets as BNBs every 60 minutes. Many crypto investors, not just Metahero holders, want to get part of this static income.

But the huge staking rewards have been the reasons Metahero holders want to join Bitrise coin. The platform will be sharing 80% APY of the revenue generated by the products running in the Bitrise ecosystem. With multiple products already running, a lot of revenue will be generated, which is why Metahero holders want to join the coin.

Metahero is a huge gaming and its holders joining Bitrise token is big news for the BRISE token holders. It means a growing Bitrise community and a more bullish BRISE token. Follow Bitrise coin social media platforms for the latest updates!

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