You Won’t Believe How Bitrise Coin Compare Avalanche token

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Avalanche token is one of the most attractive coins today, having reached an all-time high price of $134.5 on 22nd November 2021. This is at a time when large cryptocurrencies, which are competing with Avalanche, are plummeting. The token is still doing very well in the crypto market.

  • Bitrise offers attractive investor rewards
  • Innovative and attractive tokenomics
  • Automated token holding reward distribution

Avalanche token is the native token for Avalanche ecosystem, an open, programmable smart contracts platform for decentralized applications. But despite this impressive performance in the crypto market, the token is also facing tough competition as an investment opportunity from Bitrise coin.

Bitrise is still a mooning crypto coin that has been around for just 4 months and is quickly gaining popularity as a crypto investment opportunity. Bitrise is DeFi project built on the Binance Smart Chain. The team says it is building the biggest thing in DeFi, and the crypto community is already getting excited about it.

Comparing Avalanche token with Bitrise coin shows some of the reasons why crypto investors are joining Bitrise in Thousands every day. First, Bitrise has very attractive investor rewards than Avalanche tokens. In fact, according to the whitepaper, the Bitrise team says it is building a platform that rewards investors. Tokenomics and staking rewards are key aspects that put Bitrise coin higher above Avalanche token.

Starting with tokenomics, the coin has more innovative token economics than the Avalance token. The team has designed a platform that takes 12% tax on every transaction on the Bitrise ecosystem, and 5% of the tax goes to the liquidity pool to buy tokens and burn them. What makes make Bitrise more attractive than Avalanche is the automation of the buyback and burning process.

Unlike Avalanche, Bitrise has a buyback protocol that buys back and burns the token automatically. This makes the liquidity pool management more transparent than Avalanche. Buyback and burning token creates scarcity of the BRISE token, which is why demand and price of the Bitrise token have been growing steadily.

Bitrise is rewarding token holders the 4% of the tax collected for just holding tokens. Avalanche is not providing such rewards. The staking reward is another reason why even Avalanche members are joining Bitrise. Avalanche is offering validators up 11% for staking their tokens to secure the network. Unlike Avalanche, Bitrise coin is offering validators 80% APY for all the revenue generated by the products running in its ecosystem. This is higher rewards compared to Avalanche, considering Bitrise already has multiple products running on its platform. That’s why most crypto investors might pick this coin over the Avalanche token.

Avalanche token is a good crypto investment, but Bitrise is proving a force reckon with. It has better and more attractive investor rewards. The team is also in the process of developing a blockchain, which will make it a direct Avalanche token rival.

For more about Bitrise coin and the latest updates, including the upcoming staking process launch, follow Bitrise social media platforms!


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