DappRadar Launches Its Native Token RADAR With No Pre-sale

  • DappRadar launches its RADAR token.
  • The token has no pre-sale, according to DappRadar.
  • DappRadar hopes to reward its loyal users and partners using the RADAR token as an airdrop.

DappRadar has launched its native token RADAR after it unveiled its key utility and features on the Somnium Space metaverse event. According to the company, the RADAR token has no pre-sale. 

DappRadar says it will reward its loyal users and partners with a RADAR token as an airdrop. DappRadar pledges to distribute 40% of RADAR’s total supply to its community as shareholders. Additionally, DappRadar’s long-term users will receive RADAR as a reward for their participation in the future.

CEO Skirmantas Januškas said,

We decided to reward long-time DApp users through the RADAR token, giving them influence over the platform. We need to reward the community fairly, so we did not use this as an occasion to raise funds. So the RADAR token has no pre-sale or additional investor allocation, which I think is getting hard to see in this space.

As an Ethereum-based token spearheaded with a strong multi-chain adoption, DappRadar has a goal to bridge the RADAR token to other chains. The token will unfold huge potentials to provide utility functions for the DappRadar platform.

It will do this by enabling access to DappRadar PRO features including staking and governance for the nascent DappRadar DAO. Moreover, users can go cashless and pay for DappRadar services at a discount using the RADAR token.

By using the token, DappRadar aims to fill the gap between DApp creators and aggregation of its data indexing services. In doing this, DappRadar wants to create a community-driven DApp store in the coming days. As the company gears up to expand the token, users will be able to engage in “Contribute2Earn.” to receive RADAR as a reward.

However, by providing all these services, DappRadar wants to become the one-stop shop for DApps.