Flickto Embraces ISPO Investors, Gears to Launch Platform in 2022 Q1

  • Flickto opens its door to all interested investors in ISPO.
  • Flickto provides better features to all its network investors.

The Cardano network remains a solid crypto platform that continues to attract investors worldwide with its never-ending developments. Last December 8, 2021, the MELD ISPO officially closed with nearly 620 million staked ADA tokens. Indeed, this was a very successful event.

In addition, for those who were unable to join the MELD event and are still interested in the ISPO, Flickto has its door always open. They can still make their investments.

In detail, Flickto is a unique Cardano powered media launchpad that aims to decentralize media projects financing. Since its launch on November 1, 2021, the company has amassed over 4.5 million ADA to its pool that spread to over 530 delegators in the crypto space.

Flickto will be leveraging the Cardano ISPO model to raise funds for the project itself. It will also be a source of funding for media projects that the Flickto community votes to launch. Best of all, users that stake their ADA tokens into Flickto’s ISPO will be rewarded with FLICK tokens instead of ADA rewards.

FLICK tokens allow its users to have the power to vote for their favorite media project that needs funding through the Flickto Portal. This means that the more FLICK the users have, the greater advantage they have in voting. Furthermore, voters also earn ROI in the form of distribution royalties. This ensures that users who support a project are the ones who actually get rewarded.

The network also allows its participants to receive NFT airdrops from media projects. These NFTs are collectible project memorabilia that can be monetized and can increase the earning potential of its holders compared to the traditional ISPO model.

Flickto network opens its gate to all interested investors in the community. It offers amazing features that are truly attractive. First, it is the only Cardano-based media project launchpad. Second, Flickto provides generous token returns. Third, decentralisation, a feature that is done by distributing the native FLICK token as far and wide as possible, rather than keeping it locked up in team wallets. Fourth, a strong community. Last but not least, strong partners and allies.

On the other hand, the network has recently announced its IDO partnership with the KICK.io Launchpad. Flickto also has collaborated with VyFinance,  where VyFi NFT holders can earn FLICK tokens by staking their VyFI NFTs in a vault.

Moreover, with all these achievements that Flickto has done in a very short time, the network is deemed to be one of the most aggressive ecosystems in the space. In the year 2022, Flickto plans to launch their platform in Q1 and fund its first ever media project.